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Whether it’s an old stove, dishwasher, washing machine, or other large or bulky appliance that you need to get rid of, our on-demand services can provide free removal as early as tomorrow. Request a pickup today for fast, free, and simple removal of appliances in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Our network of independent contractors offer free haul away of appliances that can either be refurbished or stripped and parted out. No problem if they are working or not, as long as they are not pure junk.

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Loved by customers everywhere.

When you donate your old, unwanted appliances, you are recycling in its best form! Our list of local, independent removal experts are all used appliance dealers. They will evaluate each appliance and repair those that can be fixed. Those that are deemed as unrepairable, are stripped of all working parts

    • I very much recommend this business to help rid yourself of unwanted appliances. I needed to dispose of old & damaged appliances and they did a great no muss, no fuss job.

      Sheryl Berge
      Salt Lake City, Utah
    • I used PickupNow to help me out with my junk appliances. Full truck loads of appliances disappeared in just 2 hours. Faster than superman. They were polite and courteous. They dont mess around. They come, do the work quick and leave. I am happy with the service and already recommend it to my friends. Thanks again! You guys are heroes.

      Amy Hahn
      Sandy, Utah
    • We needed to have some appliances hauled away and after checking out several different companies I settled on PickupNow because they offered fast and free removal. My appointment was originally at 2:00 pm but Ryan called and asked if they could come earlier. I agreed and Ryan said he'd arrive in 45 minutes. And he did! Ryan and Alex finished the job in about 10 minutes. They were courteous and professional. I would definitely use this company again.

      Leland Kiehn
      Salt Lake City, Utah
    • This team did an awesome job! They were on time and professional, in fact they were ahead of time and asked if they could come early. We hired this company to clear a cluttered house. They were fast and courteous. If they were unsure about something they never hesitated to ask. This was such a pleasant experience. I will definitely hire this co. in the future!

      Erin Powlowski
      Holladay, Utah
    • This company deserves 10 stars. In the middle of September I needed some old appliances removed from my 90 year old mom’s apartment in Draper. I live in Florida and found this company online and my first contact was with Evan. He gave me an excellent price and had it done the day promised and time stated. When I arrived in Utah a couple weeks later I contacted Evan for more furniture removal and again he came through.

      Peter Renolds
      Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    • We used PickupNow to haul multiple appliances from our garage away. They arrived on time, were super friendly, efficient, and professional. I would highly recommend this company!

      Amy Hahn
      Salt Lake City, Utah

Our mission

Our mission is to reduce as much waste as much as we can by upcycling as many major household appliances as possible. Every year nearly 10 million tons of household appliances end up in the landfill, The sad truth is almost 20 percent of those appliances are still usable and upwards of 60 percent of those appliances are repairable and live on for years to come. Machines that are not repairable can make good candidates for parts that can be used in the future to help repair another machine. We feel strongly about our mission not only to help people make an honest living but also to save the planet.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • Does PickupNow recycle appliances?

      PickupNow removal experts upcycle the appliances or part them out, which is the most eco-friendly way of disposing them.

    • Who picks up appliances for FREE?

      Our network of local appliance removal experts. You will be supporting small businesses nationwide when you use PickupNow.

    • Can you donate appliances to charity?

      Most charities do not take large appliances. Those that will accept them do not take broken ones.

    • How does upcycling benefit the environment?

      By upcycling your old appliances, you save landfill space and extend their lifecycle. This is the most sustainable way to dispose of old appliances.

    • How soon can appliances be picked up?

      In many cases, appliances can be picked up the same day!

    • What if the appliance is broken or doesn't buggy?

      No problem! Appliances will be repaired if possible. Old, rusted and non-repairable appliances are tested to see which parts still work. Working parts are stripped and either used to repair other appliances, or sold as used parts at a price way cheaper than they cost new.

    • What kind of appliances qualify for free removal?

      Our experts deal with refrigerators, stoves, washers, freezers, dryers and more. Reach out and we'll let you know if we can help!

    • How long does it take to schedule a pickup?

      Simply fill out the "Request Pickup" form and a removal expert will reach out to you with a few hours. It should only take a few seconds

    • How to partner with PickupNow as an appliance removal expert?

      Please email our support team and someone will get back to you to see if you qualify!